COBIT’s Bucket Elevators offer an economical, efficient and reliable means of elevating a wide variety of dry, free flowing bulk materials. COBIT Bucket Elevators are simple and rugged in construction. .

CENTRIFUGAL TYPE – Recommended for handling fine, free flowing and loose bulk materials with small size lumps which can be dug from the elevator boot. The feed point is lower, loading in simpler fewer buckets are required than for the continuous type Bucket Elevator. Bucket on chain or belt travel at speeds high enough to discharge materials by centrifugal force as they pass around the head pulley or sprocket.

CONTINUOUS TYPE – Recommended for handling sluggish, aerated and friable material and material having a large percentage of lumps. Continuously spaced buckets traveling at slower speed are generally loaded by means of a loading leg because the closely-spaced buckets can not efficiently dig the material out of the boot.

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